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C/K Society

C/K Society Vanilla Air Freshener (4-pack)

C/K Society Vanilla Air Freshener (4-pack)

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The C/K Society air freshener (Vanilla scent) 4-pack is the perfect complement to your C/K Truck or SUV. I mean who doesn’t love a nice smelling cab. Measures approximately 3.5” wide and 2 7/5″ tall.

AIR FRESHENER HANDLING RECOMMENDATIONS Air Fresheners once removed from the cellophane wrapper must be hung freely and not placed in contact with surrounding materials such as painted surfaces, plastic, leather, fabric, wood, and all other materials. Keep away from children and pets. As with all air fresheners, if ingested, seek medical attention.

Do not hang air fresheners where they will obstruct your view or be a distraction. Some states or countries may restrict the use of hanging air fresheners on rear-view mirrors. It is your responsibility to know the laws of the state or country.

PLEASE NOTE: CONTACT WITH SUCH SURFACES WILL RESULT IN DAMAGE. C/K Society is not responsible for any damages caused by any use of its fresheners.

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